Posted on November 16, 2015 by JOSEPH VONGSAPHAY

Joseph and Maichi Vongsaphay, well known as the “Professional Body Piercing Power Couple” in the much-celebrated multicultural and multitalented streets of Cabramatta are the pioneers of this well renowned body piercing company.

Recognised and respected for their Innovation, Passion and with more than over 10 years of expertise, has made them the number one choice in the Body Piercing Industry.

They are admired for their ability to interpret and work collaboratively with their clients in delivering dynamic and striking results. Leaving an impact that fosters ‘repeat customers’ and multiple referrals.

Their continuous success and sought after services has recently seen the addition of 2 key staff members to keep up with their clients demands. Working closely with Joseph and Maichi they’ve been able to bring forward their own unique flare, a touch of their quirky personalities and signature style that can only be found at Industrie8.

Celebrity styles, World wide Street trends, and their own creative ideas can be found in their designs, jewellery choices, variety of piercing techniques and photographic portfolio.

Come along and experience the Industrie8 piercing journey for yourself. Drop in and say Hi, or as the Industrie8 team would say "Come get stabby!'

Written by
S. McGarry

Photographed by
Fairfax Media

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