Staff Profile

  • joseph

    The Boss

    With over 18 years of professional piercing under his belt, Joseph is the veteran of the group. His passion for his work is inspired by his fascination and in depth interest of body modification and tattoo's. Ultimately this is what led to Joe becoming a body piercer.

    "I believe I am only as good as my last job. The importance of leaving my customers satisfied is a priority to me." Joseph has developed his own unique style, which is a combination of conventional, new school and free hand piercing.

    His extensive in store jewellery collection goes hand in hand with his specialty precision piercings and has a genuine appreciation for custom ear projects. "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution." All these attributes led to Joseph being a sought after name in the body piercing industry.
  • The Boss of the Boss

    The other half that completes the dynamic husband and wife-piercing duo! Trained by Joe himself, Maichi's love of piercings has led her to having an incredible eye for detail. Specialising in all things aesthetic and beautiful, along with her gentle touch has seen Maichi become a huge hit with female clientele. She is also sought after for female intimate and personal piercings.

    With her calming nature Maichi is experienced with everyone from nervous first timers all the way to our loyal regulars. She will leave you feeling comfortable and at ease no matter if you already have piercings or are just starting out.

    Maichi loves nothing more than updating and modifying customers' ear projects to spectacular pieces of art.
  • Beardy

    Stevan entered the piercing industry as a keen customer. Seeing potential in him, Joseph and Maichi took him on as an assistant, which grew, to him becoming a piercer.

    With a keen eye for street trends and knowing what’s in, Stevan is up to date with the newest jewellery collection and trends to suit each individual. Along with a knack for consultations and recommendations for any type of customer, Stevan will make sure his customers leave happy.

    Don't be fooled by his bushy beard though! With a calm nature and steady hand, Stevan is well on his way to making a name for himself in the piercing industry.
  • Becks

    Entering as a keen and regular customer, Joseph and Maichi recognised her love and addiction for piercings and saw potential.

    This loveable dork has a passion for all things piercing related. Her passion for piercings is what led her to acquiring a collection of her own.
    With 8 years experience under her belt and many more to come.

    Under Joseph and Maichis guideance she has acquired a loyal, regular client basis and loves to see new faces, Beck's extensive knowledge of piercings and warm, welcoming personality will make you feel right at home sitting in her chair.